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Anxiety services offered in Lower Manhattan , New York, NY

You’re not alone if you struggle with anxiety that disrupts your daily life, as debilitating worry affects one-third of adolescents and adults. Janelle Solomon, NP, and the caring team at Better Health Management Inc in the Financial District of Manhattan are strong advocates for mental health, nurturing your mental well-being and easing stress and anxiety with comprehensive treatment. They provide quick and easy access to counseling through in-person and telehealth appointments. To learn more, call the New York City, New York, office or book online today.

Anxiety Q & A

When should I seek help for anxiety?

Anxiety is a natural response when you face a dangerous situation, experience intense stress, or dread an upcoming event.

When you feel anxious, your body releases hormones that sharpen your focus and give you the energy needed to meet the challenge. Once the challenge ends, your hormones go back to normal and you can calm down.

Anxiety turns into a problem when it:

  • Occurs frequently 
  • Causes uncontrollable fear and worry
  • Makes you change your daily schedule (to prevent anxiety)
  • Persists even if you don’t face a current or upcoming situation

When anxiety feels overwhelming or interferes with your daily life, it’s time to seek help at Better Health Management Inc.

Are there different types of anxiety?

There are several anxiety disorders. The three most common include:

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)

GAD makes you feel constantly and excessively worried over everyday concerns. The anxiety you experience is extreme compared to the actual challenge you face.

Specific phobia

A specific phobia is an intense fear of a specific object, place, or activity. Examples include a fear of spiders, heights, and flying.

Social anxiety disorder

You have this disorder if severe anxiety arises whenever you must meet new people, go to a social event, or perform in front of others (like giving a report at school or a presentation at work).

What symptoms accompany anxiety?

Anxiety seldom appears alone. It’s often accompanied by symptoms such as:

  • Worry
  • Fear
  • Nausea
  • Stomachaches
  • Irritability
  • Loss of appetite
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Headaches
  • Body aches
  • Panic attacks

Panic attacks arise suddenly, causing dizziness, shortness of breath, sweating, and chest pain.

How is anxiety treated?

Your personalized treatment plan may include therapy, medication, and whole-body approaches such as relaxation techniques and stress management.

The medications prescribed for anxiety, benzodiazepines, are highly effective, but you can also develop a tolerance to them or become dependent if you use them too long. For this reason, they’re usually reserved for severe anxiety and panic attacks. 

Antidepressants are another option, as they can ease anxiety in addition to helping depression.

Several types of therapy produce proven results, helping you overcome anxiety through various techniques. For example, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) helps you identify and change the negative (dysfunctional) thoughts that frequently cause anxiety. 

If you need help overcoming anxiety, don’t wait to schedule an appointment. Call Better Health Management Inc or book an appointment online today.