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IV Infusion Therapy, Better Health, New York

Jul 30, 2022
Better Health offers IV infusion therapy that is designed to amplify your wellness routine by conveniently delivering nutrients and hydration to optimize your quality of life.

Better Health offers IV infusion therapy that is designed to amplify your wellness routine by conveniently delivering nutrients and hydration to optimize your quality of life. If you’re looking for an effective way to ease hangover symptoms or help with iron deficiency anemia, IV drip therapy might be the perfect solution. Our IV drips are administered in a comfortable setting and packed full of nutrients to improve your daily health, mood, and clarity.

IV infusion therapy

Intravenous infusion treatments help get vitamins and nutrients into your bloodstream to boost natural antioxidants in your body to help with many things, from alleviating joint pain to hydrating blood cells. Many people take oral medications in an effort to stay on top of their health however less nutrients are absorbed from these in comparison to IV therapy. This is due to the process of entering your gut before reaching your blood, resulting in less effectiveness. Administering these cocktails and other nutrients intravenously helps you to reach your health goals faster, and see noticeable results in a shorter period of time. For example, if you chose the immunity vitamin C drip it would help clear out nasal stuffiness and improve circulation to the brain. With IV therapy, your body is able to receive the full amount of nourishment and hydration, more than any other form of nutrient consumption out there.

The treatment process

Here at Better Heath we provide a wide range of different IV drips and cocktails, from the high-dose vitamin C therapy to the fat burner boost therapy, they are each customized to help with your specific wellness needs. Whether it be hangover recovery, anti-aging, or detoxification, we’ve got one for you. We offer a clinical setting equipped and designed to provide convenient IV therapy treatments. The fluid that contains a blend of vitamins or medication, is delivered with an IV drip into the vein which allows it to move quickly through your bloodstream. After 30-45 minutes of continuous infusion, you may just find that you feel rejuvenated, energized, and more clear-headed.

Our IV infusions include:

Recovery: A mixture of fluids, vitamins and nutrients that, can deliver a strong boost in your wellness. It was originally developed for the symptoms of chronic conditions. It can also be used to help immediate conditions like exhaustion, dehydration or hangovers.

Super Recovery: Helps heal tissue going through the reparative process after surgery. Using this drip before surgery gives the nutritional benefits that are needed for post–operative wound healing and this drip after surgery helps to enhance the wound healing process.

Mega Recovery: Full of virus fighting vitamins, boosts immunity and decreases the duration of illnesses and the downtime of healing. This effective vitamin drip also works to repair damaged cells caused by stress and infection while promoting a healthy immune system.

Nutri-Cleanse: Recovery drip that reduces your bodies muscle waste and maximizes protein production. Can be beneficial after a weekend of heavy eating or before starting a cleanse/fast. Other benefits: digestive support for optimal gut health, and shields cells from free radicals.

Nutri-Go: Essential for any busy bee that’s on the go. Improves brain function, focus, energy level, heart health, and mood while reducing stress levels. Helps you to stay ready and enhances wellness for each day by boosting immunity even while traveling.

Nutri-Max: Take on the day with this drip that is packed full of essential vitamins for overall health. Our nutri-formance drip can help patients who have vitamin deficiencies or malabsorption issues to boost their immunity and get nutrients and hydration fast.

Nutri-Peace: Designed for energy and specifically formulated with a blend of fluids that rehydrate and restore the body with premium electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. These ingredients provides increased energy while leaving you feeling calm and relaxed at the end of each day.

Nutri-C: This vitamin drip reaches the cells in your body and works to help clear nasal congestion, keeps cells clear from free radicals, significantly improves brain circulation, and enhances overall immunity and wellness to help your body fight disease and infections.

Nutri-Immunity: Contains high doses of vitamin C and zinc, which play crucial parts in your body’s detox and natural defense system. It is used to enhance your body’s immune system to help fight off disease and illnesses and boost overall wellness.

Nutri-Brain: This treatment boosts your mood and productivity while facilitating brain regeneration. It increases concentration and your ability to focus while also improving neurological function. Our nutri-brain minimizes brain fog and also intensifies mental clarity leaving you with sustained mental focus.

Nutri-Skinny: Promotes and stimulates a healthy digestive system and metabolism resulting in the breakdown of fat cells. It helps maintain blood sugar levels and clear out your body of unhealthy sugars. For the best results, use in combination with fish oil.

Nutri-Glow: This beauty maintenance method keeps your skin healthy on a cellular level and works to get you glowing from the inside out by naturally stimulating your bodies collagen, boosting blood flow, providing cellular renewal, and supporting the formation of elastin.

Nutri-Youth: This drip helps keep your body clean, pure, and youthful inside and out. It is an effective treatment that can be beneficial for individuals going through menopause or other natural life cycles that can take a toll on the body.

Nutri-Formance: This drip will help to expand and open arteries that often naturally start to contract with age. This allows circulation and oxygen to the body which can enhance performance and pleasure. It can also aid with regulating blood pressure levels.

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